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Our Services

Heights Studio offers different packages depending on your needs. Most of our packages are hourly based but we also have prices for full productions. Most big studios offer hourly prices or prices based on product. For example a studio might charge a set price per song or per album. What you will find is that studios charge high hourly prices or outrageous prices per song. This can be expected depending on the studio and their overhead.

We like to give people what they want for a price they can truly afford. We will talk about your needs and come up with a plan based on what we think will work best for you and your budget. Hourly prices can be ideal if the artist is prepared, knows what they want and can get it done in minimal time. On the other hand we must also consider the work that needs to be done afterwards as well.

Below you will find packages based on different criteria. You can pay by the hour or by packages. We always work with clients and there is always a discount available, and the package determines the discount. For example there can be a set up fee. This includes the time it takes for a performer to get ready. A drummer might need to setup their own kit or a guitarist might need to learn a part before starting. Regardless there is something for everyone.


  • Hourly rate: $25 per hour

  • 2 Hours (Discounted - Call for price)

  • 4 Hours (Discounted - Call for price)

  • 8 Hours (Discounted - Call for price)

  • Packages(Songs)